Menopause - Why Go Natural?

  • Cancer: Many women are concerned by the research showing links between long-term use of pharmaceutical HRT treatment and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer and more recently ovarian cancer.
  • Side Effects: By going natural you can avoid the many side effects of pharmaceutical HRT, including bloating, weight gain, anxiety and depression, migraine and headaches.
  • Drug Interactions: Pharmaceutical HRT can interfere with many other medicines.
  • Peri-Menopause: You can also take MenoGlow Herbal HRT if experiencing menopausal symptoms while still menstruating (peri-menopause), most doctors advise against pharmaceutical HRT at this stage.
  • Distinctly Not Natural: Pharmaceutical companies will sometimes refer to estrogens in their HRT as "natural". This does not mean they are truly natural in source or to the human body, simply that they are the chemical equivalents of those produced by the ovaries.

    For example conjugated estrogens used in pharmaceutical HRT are taken from the urine of pregnant mares. Whilst it is certainly natural for a horse to urinate, the estrogens present are different from human estrogens and your body will obviously not have encountered horse estrogens before!

  • Animal Welfare: Horses are farmed for their estrogen for pharmaceutical HRT.

    Horses are kept continually pregnant in order to produce horse estrogens in their urine. A harness type device is attached to their rear quarters to ensure all the urine is collected. The mare spends 6 months in an individual stall, sometimes unable to lie down properly. Often water is restricted to ensure the urine is highly concentrated. Foals are considered a waste by-product of the industry and are slaughtered. Then the mare is impregnated for the whole cycle to start again.

    This is a gross violation of animal welfare. Horses are intelligent animals and their suffering for the sake of pharmaceutical company profits is both terrible and unnecessary.

  • Herbal HRT Works! MenoGlow Natural HRT works powerfully against the symptoms of menopause, yet is gentle on your body. Compare this with the numerous unpleasant side-effects that women on prescribed HRT routinely report.

Menopause and the Pursuit of Profit

In the search for ever greater profits, the pharmaceutical companies first "medicalized" the menopause then turned it into a marketing exercise. They have produced numerous reports on how to make women more "compliant" to take pharmaceutical HRT and to remain on it for as long as possible.

The many side-effects and concerns over increased cancer risks have made more and more women reluctant to use pharmaceutical HRT. Luckily there is a natural alternative, MenoGlow natural HRT.

A Different View of Menopause

"MenoGlow" is a gentle yet powerful natural alternative to pharmaceutical HRT. With correct nutrition most women can adapt naturally and comfortably to menopause. We approach menopause not as an illness but as a natural event in a woman's life.
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